Years ago, way back in the dark ages, I was a painter on Saturday mornings. Being a perfectionist, I never finished anything and spent hours mixing paint to get the right color. In order to capture what was in front of me at the time, I started taking photos on my Palm Pilot. I told you this was way back in the dark ages ...I had always hoped to return to the painting in progress but rarely did. The PDA was tossed aside for the very first iPhone. Pretty soon I had lots of images on my phone and very few paintings.

With the number of really great images on my iPhone, I wanted to do something with them, and the app developers provided the answer. And so my  journey of creating and processing images began. I never considered myself a photographer, more of mixed media artist. I am very interested in combining digital images with other physical media – mostly pastels and water-based oils – and printing or transferring to various substrates: fine art and rice paper, metal, wood and canvas. So it's all about capture, process, and get the image off of the device either by printing or sharing digitally,


This blog shares my journey. I hope you enjoy.


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